weblogic.server.ServerLifecycleException: Cannot get to the relevant ServerRuntimeMBean for server MGSRV

Lately, I got the following error:

weblogic.server.ServerLifecycleException: Can not get to the relevant ServerRuntimeMBean for server MGSRV.

… weblogic.management.scripting.ScriptException: Error occured while performing shutdown : Error shutting down the server : Can not get to the relevant ServerRuntimeMBean for server MGSRV.

Use dumpStack() to view the full stacktrace
It’s happened, when I wanted to shutdown a managed server via WebLogic Server script “stopManagedWebLogic.sh”. In addition, nodemanger-utility was not able to shutdown managed server via administration console.

After review the issue, I faced to an Oracle Document:
WebLogic Managed Server shutdown failing when using SSL t3s Admin Server address as ADMIN_URL (Doc ID 851065.1)
The main reason for this issue is: “JMX clients using secure protocols were not able to invoke operations on MBeans registered in the Domain Runtime MBeanServer of the AdminServer. Authentication of JMX clients was not correctly performed.”

It seems that is a bug (Bug 8359946):

“Not able to shutdown the managed serves using t3s protocol in the WLST scripts. The same script with t3 protocol is working fine. Adminserver is shutting down fine with either protocol. Not able to shutdown the managed server using WLST. Getting, connecting to successfully connected to Admin Server ‚adminserver‘ that belongs to domain…”

You can test it with following steps:

1) Create a domain for WLS 10.3 with 1 Admin and 1 Managed server.

2) Enable SSL and configure the Demo Identity and Demo trust for the Keystores on both the Admin and Managed server.set ADMIN_URL=t3s://localhost:7002

And add the -Dweblogic.security.TrustKeyStore=DemoTrust

4) Start the Admin server.

5) Start the Managed server.

6) Stop the Managed server. Then: Error

What is the solution?
Quick and dirty solution:
You can kill managed server with kill -9 of MGSRV and using administration console for start/stop with nodemanager.

· Advantage: You have a uniform start/stop method for managed server via administration console.

· Disadvantage: Automatic start/stop of managed server(s) via script(s) and operating system is not possible.

Oracle solution:

The bug is fixed in: 12.1.1, for previous WebLogic Server versions are patches available:

WLS Version Patch Number
10.0.1 Patch 8589531
10.0.2 Patch 8359946
10.3.0 Patch 8359946

Please note that patches are applied per WLS installation and not per domain. That is, if you apply this patch on one WLS installation, then all of the servers from all the domains in that installation will have this patch. On the other hand, if you have a managed server in another machine in a domain (that is, set up with its own WLS installation), you need to install this patch on that other machine as well. Generally, patches can only be applied while the server is not running because WLS locks the needed files while it is running. If, however, you are able to apply a patch while WLS is running, you must restart WLS before the patch will take effect.