BEA-003108: Unicast receive error:

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WebLogic Server 10.3, Cluster, Unicast, Exception;JAVA.IO.EOFEXCEPTION

Error Message: <BEA-003108> <Unicast receive error :“ >


If I restart one Managed Server in a Cluster, I get the following error:

<Error> <Cluster> <BEA-003108> <Unicast receive error :





at weblogic.cluster.HeartbeatMessage.readExternal(

Truncated. see log file for complete stacktrace>


Weblogic declaration from:

<BEA-003108> <Unicast receive error :“

Error: Unicast receive error: e

An error occurred while trying to receive a message over the cluster broadcast.


An error occurred while trying to receive a message over the cluster broadcast.


Make sure that the NIC is functioning properly. If you believe there no environment problems exist, contact Oracle Customer Support and provide the stack trace for further analysis.

More detail and Background information:

Note: Sometimes you get Error Message: <BEA-002616> <Failed to listen on channel „Default“…> and it can be a logical effect of error BEA-003108.

The issue “ <BEA-003108> <Unicast receive error :“  occurs when using a Unicast cluster and when the cluster debug flags DebugCluster and/or DebugClusterHeartBeats are turned on for some of the managed servers, but not all of them.

The issue also occurs when the debug flags are turned on for the servers that existed previously in the cluster but not on servers which are newly added.


To resolve this issue, the cluster debug flags need to be enabled consistently: either disabled on all the servers of the cluster or enabled on all of them. In a production environment, debugging should be disabled. Cluster debug flags should be enabled only while debugging a problem with the Unicast cluster.

Solution via AdminServer:

  1. Click on Domain Structure and select your Server
  2. Select debugging tab
  3. Select items, that you want to disable or/enable, e.g. Disable weblogic debugging by click on „disable“(german: „deaktivieren“)
  4. Check Log files, wether the issue is solved.